Photo taken in early 1880s.  Rev. John Dotterer served 1877-1878.

L to R – Lizzie, Rev. John Dotterer,Mary Catherine Meyers Dotterer, Ray (child on father’s lap), Daughter on mother’s lap unknown, W. Nevin “Willie” standing

Early Church Photos:

Photo of original church in early 1900s.  Note horse hitches, dirt roads.  Due to low contrast, Gabriel weathervane is not visible in this photo.

Note the telegraph pole, sidewalks, and clear view of Gabriel weathervane.  This photo was takes several years after the above.  Church windows were used in the social hall when the new building was constructed in 1912.

Original restored Gabriel now inside sanctuary.  A reproduction is now on the roof.

One of the original windows now in the Social Hall.

Photos of present church built in 1912.  Note gas lamps in interior photo.  Dates unknown, but probably soon after the new building was erected.


More recent photo, date unknown.  Possibly 1970-1980.  Note Gabriel on center of roof.

House, now Education Center, next door to church.  This building was the home of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Union Lodge, No. 163, until 1970, when it merged with Lewisburg Lodge No. 96.  This is a very early photo, probably late 1800’s to early 1900s.

Building as it appeared, probably in the 1950s-early 1960’s.  Note the Captain’s Walk has been removed, and the front portico has been enclosed.

I.O.O.F.  – Independent Order of Odd Fellows stone under church sign.

The IOOF Union Lodge No 163 was formed on March 9, 1846 and operated until 1856.  It was then re-instituted on September 23, 1873 and operated until February 21, 1970 when, due to lack of membership, it merged with the Lewisburg Lodge No. 96.  The Lewisburg Lodge is still operational and several church members belong to it.  You may visit their website at