At 9:30 on Sunday mornings at the corner of Market and Vine Streets, the bell from Emmanuel UCC rings through the town of New Berlin beckoning any and all to join us for worship. We believe strongly in this church that everyone ought to know who Jesus is! Everyone should have the opportunity to believe in Christ and to love and serve him. We are glad that you have seen us here and we welcome you to our church because our circle of concern should be as large as God’s. No matter where you find yourself in the maze of life, we welcome you as a part of our circle.

Because you join our circle… our welcome will be warmer and our embrace will be wider. Because you join our circle…our songs will be richer and fuller. Because you join our circle…our prayers will be stronger and more fervent. We are glad you are a part of our circle because God loves you and now we have the chance to do the same.

Contact One of Our Staff Members

Dr. James Cope

Dr. Cope joined Emmanuel UCC and embarked on a new faith journey in August of 2014.

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Donald Sauers

Donald is our Consistory President.

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Shirley Wilhelm

Shirley is our Church Secretary.

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